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The PRIME AUCTION GROUP is a diversified team of brokers and auctioneers experienced in the auction process whether selling real estate or selling a client’s personal assets.

Foodservice Equipment Auctions

Floyds Prime Equipment, Inc. has a long history in the Foodservice Industry and has been conducting foodservice equipment auctions for many years now. We have an extensive list of industry clientele that have bought at our auctions or at our location in Quitman, Texas. And, most notably our online auction system allows us to reach all of North America.

With over 50 years of experience in the foodservice industry from selling to appraising food equipment, our President and founder, Jerry Floyd, knows values. In selling equipment for Restaurants, Supermarkets, Bakeries, and manufacturing, Jerry strives to liquidate his client’s assets for the most value possible.

Our 20,000 square foot warehouse and offices sit on just over 3 acres of secured fenced-in grounds.

Real Estate Auctions

The Prime Auction Group specializes in selling commercial properties, farm and ranches, recreational property, development property and premier properties by the auction method of marketing.

Our clients benefit from our unique, meticulous, and sophisticated process of marketing real estate. Our system of marketing is designed to return results by bringing the most money possible to the seller in a condensed period of time.

As the sale of Real Estate through live auctions has increased, professional real estate agents have discovered the advantage of partnering with an experienced real estate auction firm. By forming a relationship with an auction marketing firm you are able to offer your potential clients an additional alternative to sell their real estate.

Multi-parcel Auctions:
Few firms have the computerized horsepower to offer land in multiple parcels. Multi-Par auctions offer a major advantage in marketing large tracts of land with the ability to divide the large tracts and offer them in several parts, as a combination or in its entirety. Utilizing this method of auction marketing the marketplace is allowed to determine whether the property is most valuable in parts, as a combination of parts, or as a whole unit . Dividing a property and offering all the alternatives is very manageable at an auction, because all interested buyers are in one place at one time. Another advantage to Multiple Parcel Auctions is that it is easier to find many buyers with a smaller financial ability and allow them the opportunity to evenly compete against large corporations and/or syndicates – thus resulting in a higher sales price for the seller. Prime Auction Group has the personnel, software, equipment, and expertise necessary to run successful multiple parcel auctions.

When you team up with The Prime Auction Group you are providing your clients cutting edge technology and highly experienced real estate & auction professionals including:

Property Information Team
Our Property Information Team is given the task of revealing everything there is to know about a property. From fence lines to property lines, water wells to government payments, easements to taxes, minerals to crop production – EVERYTHING there is to know about a property. Since auction marketing is time sensitive it is our duty to have the ability to answer all questions that potential buyers may have.

Geographical Design Team
Our Geographical Design Team takes the Property Information and designs the most recent maps utilizing the newest map design software. This team has the ability to create Aerial Photograph Maps, Topographical, Water, and Road Maps with pinpoint accuracy in just a few days.

Marketing Department
Our experienced Marketing Department designs a marketing plan that is specific to each auction. Each auction marketing plan utilizes our database of auction attendees, print media, electronic media, professionally designed brochures and outdoor signage to create a targeted marketing campaign and ultimately provide financial competition on auction day.

Relationship Selling
An important key to our success is relationship selling. Our Real Estate professionals meet with area lenders, civic leaders, neighbors, real estate professionals and others who may express interest in owning the subject property. Our staff offers tours of the property, answers any questions potential buyers have and provide property information assistance prior to auction day.

Auction Event Staff
The Prime Auction Group is affiliated with industry leaders and auctioneers throughout the United States. Our CAI designated Lead Auctioneer oversees all details of our auctions from start to finish. Each member of our auction day staff has visited with the sellers, toured the property and has assisted in the marketing process. This means each member of our team has knowledge of the property being sold and can assist buyers throughout the bidding process.

Closing Management Staff
Once the Auction is over our Closing Management Staff oversees the closing process, assuring that documents needed for buyers to complete the transaction on time are ready. This means communicating with real estate agents, title companies, surveyors, lenders, buyers and sellers.

Should you require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us by email at or call 800-200-9838 ext. 1.

Our Motto: “We will give you no less than our best!”